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How Design Flexibility from Office Furniture Suppliers Benefits Dealers
Jul 21, 2017
Like all other successful business operations, the key to success for office furniture dealers is a marriage comprised of two critical elements: First, you need to understand your customers well enough to know what they really need (even if they don’t). Second, you need to be able to deliver unique solutions that distinguish your product and service offerings from the competition.
What does it take to be a successful office furniture dealer?
In our experience, the most successful furniture dealers have an uncanny ability to understand exactly what their customers want. They can also lead them to attractive, unique, and perhaps unexpected furniture solutions — ones that make their customers really happy.
It’s a continuous challenge to do this well.
Why? Customers are more informed than ever — they keep up with the latest workplace and office design trends.
It’s no longer sufficient to only offer standard issue ‘cookie-cutter’ furniture from a catalog; that’s not going to win the customer’s order.
As a business person, you make it your job to keep up with the latest in consumer trends. And no doubt you’ve taken notice of the rise in consumer’s preferences for unique, made-by-hand products — whether it’s food and drink, clothing, or home decorating design.
This ‘artisanal’ trend is now gaining a foothold in custom manufactured furniture for offices.
As a result, today’s successful furniture dealers are increasingly taking advantage of customized solutions to gain a competitive advantage.
Offering customized furniture strengthens Customer Relationships
The benefit of offering unique furniture extends beyond winning the order for the original sale.
You’ll establish a stronger relationship with your customer, which is important for the next time they expand their business or move locations.
And the benefit of providing custom furniture solutions doesn’t stop after the initial sale.
Once you’ve created an impressive installation, the customer’s own customers, employees, visitors, and suppliers will help spread the word, providing significant free advertising for your business for years to come.